From, "The History of Houston County", Taylor Publishing, 1982 - Page 41

Mayville Township is located in the central part of Houston County, the northwest corner being the almost exact center of the county.  Crooked Creek valley bisects the township; running from Caledonia easterly into Crooked Creek Township.  The valley being quite deep, with high steep bluffs and many dry runs, leaves the better farm land on the north, west and south sides of Mayville.

While the first white settler of Mayville is unknown, but some of the early settlers and the approximate date of their arrival are:  1854--John O'Heron, Jerry Holley, T. J. Murphy; 1855--Ed Buckley, Mr. Cashman, Martin Rohan, Thomas and James Kennedy, Thomas Moriarity, Mr. McCurdy, Charles Klein, John Mann, and Winston Taylor; 1856--Gasper Molitor, John Mead, P. Kelly, J. J. Reinhart; 1857, Nicholas Neu.  The Irish settled the north half of the township and the German speaking people the south half.  Now we find residents of many national origins.

The first marriage in the township was between Will Schwinden and Catherine Reinhart.

The township was organized at the home of Gaspar Molitor in 1859.  The first supervisors were:  John Schwindon, J. G. Clark and James Kennedy, and W. F. Carrol, clerk.  No mention of a treasurer.  Most of the early township business concerned the establishment of roads and maintaining them.  Also, it seemed like every year they voted on whether or not they sould allow horses, cattle, mules, and assess to run at large between April 1 and October 15.

Other early names are:  John O'Heron, Michael Mernack, Nicholas Krier, Hubert Esch, John Neu, Peter Paulan, Peter Simon, Michael Weber, Frank Johnson, Peter Gengler, James Connley, Michael Dunn, Philip Dunn, Peter Kennedy, Marlow Bergerman, Charles Andrew, Michael Leary, John Holliday, George Holliday, John Frisch, Peter Kelley, Alexander Stapleton, James Casey, Nick Allgroth, N. E. Dorval, Michael Beck, Nicholas Welscher, Michael Frebig, Timothy Murphy, Frank Schanzen, H. M. Philips, Mathias Schwindon, Charles Murphy, Joseph Vossen, C. H. Brown, J. H. Davidson, Edward Bennet, J. E. Pope.


The supervisor who served the longest was probably Pat Hayes, from 1908 to 1960.  The present officers are Lloyd Jennings, Herman Heinz, Maynard Welscher.  Joe Dahlberg as clerk, and Viola Guillien as treasurer.  Viola is the first lady to serve.

The present town hall on Main Street, across from the fairgrounds, in Caledonia was purchased and moved their in 1912.  Before that the polling place was District 43 (Murphy School).  

Among the many changes of the past 50 years has been the coming of REA, the closing of small rural schools, the taking over of the farmer owned telephone lines by the Bell System, and improving the black topping of many of our farm roads.

Farming, too, has changed.  It has gone from wheat raising by the early settlers to general livestock farming, to the specialization we have now.  Once nearly every farmer milked some cows, had hogs or beef or both.  Farms have become larger and now dairy cattle are found on about 40 farms.  About 20 farms have hogs and 30 have beef cows or feeder cattle or both.  A few farms have no livestock.  The principle crops are corn and alfalfa hay.

Mayville--where did the name originate?  I don't think I have ever seen the name used elsewhere.  Maybe the early settlers looked forward to the month of May, after the long hard winter.  In May the grass is green, the wild flowers are in bloom and the crops are being planted.  Mayville--a nice place to be especially in the spring.

Compiled and submitted by Clarence Eikens


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Early Settler Surnames

  • Allgroth

  • Andrew

  • Bennet

  • Bergerman

  • Brown

  • Buckley

  • Cashman

  • Carrol

  • Casey

  • Clark

  • Connolly

  • Davidson

  • Dunn

  • Esch

  • Frebig

  • Frisch

  • Gengler

  • Holley

  • Johnson

  • Kelly

  • Kennedy

  • Klein

  • Krier

  • Leary

  • McCurdy

  • Mann

  • Mead

  • Mernack

  • Molitor

  • Moriarity

  • Murphy

  • Neu

  • O'Heron

  • Paulan

  • Philips

  • Pope

  • Reinhart

  • Rohan

  • Schanzen

  • Schwindon

  • Simon

  • Stapleton

  • Taylor

  • Vossen

  • Weber

  • Welscher