Guidelines For Lookup Requests

Houston County needs volunteers to help look up genealogical information. If you have any reference material on Houston County and are willing to do limited lookups for others, please email me (Laurie Esch) so I can list your name and your reference material on this page. 

Examples- public records, items from your own family files, or materials published before 1921 (copyrights expired). For materials published in 1921 or later (copyrights in effect), please refer to the USGenWeb Project's Official Copyright Policy.

When requesting a lookup of a Houston County volunteer, please follow these guidelines:

  • Put Houston Co. in the subject line of your message.

  • Put the name of the reference you are requesting in your message as the volunteer may have several references available.

  • Limit your request to 1 or 2 specific names with approximate dates.

  • Don't forget to thank your volunteer for time and effort!

Source Contact
1976 Houston co. Rural Residents directory -Willing to Lookup Rural Farms & PO Boxes for Family Locations


1982 History of Houston County - Please check the index below.  In your request send the name of the biography and the page #.  I will send a scanned copy of the biography within 7 days.

1982 History of Houston County Index


1919 History of Houston County

Franklyn Curtiss-Wedge, Editor H. C. CooperJr & Co. (Chicago



1882 History of Houston County

Volunteer Needed

 "Nybyggerhistorie fra Spring Grove og omegu Minnesota" by O.S.Johnson, 1920. Vol. I. 450 pp.


"Utvandringshistorie fra Ringerikesbygderne" by O.S.Johnson,  vol. II, 1921.  442 pages.  (Emigration history from the Ringerike community [Buskerud fylke])


Vol. III of the same by O.S. Johnson.  1925.  308 pages.


Vol. IV of the same by O.S. Johnson.  1930.  312 pages.